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TYMIQ is a fast-growing IT company with the footprint in Germany and Poland. We are experienced in delivering full-cycle high-load enterprise systems, web and mobile applications, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and IT consulting services.


Our company is committed to helping mid-size and large companies solve complicated technical tasks around digitalization and automation of their business processes. We are proud of our long-term and trustworthy relationships with the customers, who are mostly located in Western Europe and the US.

TYMIQ family

A friendly and supportive atmosphere in our team makes TYMIQ the perfect place to work and grow, achieving higher results together. We are dedicated to constant learning and create a work environment based on collective knowledge-sharing. You will always be surrounded by great colleagues to turn to for ideas, inspiration, and assistance.


The core team of TYMIQ consists of experts working together for more than 20 years and gaining their IT expertise in different areas of human life. Every team member has unique talents that complement and reinforce each other. This fact allows us to find ground-breaking, flexible, and reliable solutions faster than many others, minimize the risks of costly mistakes and be sure of successful results.

We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!
We are hiring!

Open positions

Here you can view the currently open positions at TYMIQ. The full range of career opportunities you may periodically find on this page are attributed to the following areas:

Cloud app development
Custom development
Mobile app development
Devops engineering
Software Reengineering
Team Lead .NET

Gain a challenging and rewording career in our team 


The benefits of working at TYMIQ

  • An exciting and challenging job with talented people around
  • Financial security
  • Constant professional development (internal and external trainings, workshops, international exhibitions and conferences)
  • High career prospects
  • An opportunity to work with the world-famous customers
  • Days-off for annual vacations and national holidays
  • Sick leave days available
  • English, Polish courses
  • A comfortable office with the possibility to work remotelyHigh career prospects
  • Corporate and social events, pleasant surprises from the company
Working at TYMIQ

Our values

All our team members embody our five values and make them shine through: expertise, engagement, quality, transparency, and reliability.


We can handle any technical challenge and deliver high-quality solutions based on the experience our team gains through diverse and interesting tasks.


While working on a project, we dive deep into the business logic and existing processes to see the picture from the same perspective as the customer and verify that the selected vector is correct along the way.


The unprecedented quality of our solutions is achieved due to high professionalism of our team and a robust quality assurance process.


Being fully open and willing for communication on any issues, we strive to create absolutely comfortable working conditions, where our customers can be calm and not worry about potential problems..


TYMIQ is a truly reliable partner who works inclusively and makes a single whole with the customer’s team, both in work and business culture.

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