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TYMIQ expertise in mobile app development

TYMIQ has unparalleled expertise in delivering custom mobile app services. We apply a meticulous approach to every stage of the mobile app development lifecycle. From the initial concept to ongoing  enhancements and maintenance, we are dedicated to only delivering exceptional results.

We offer a wide range of mobile development services.
Find the one you need or contact us for a combination:

Mobile development consulting
Mobile product discovery
Mobile app design
Mobile app development
Mobile app integration
Mobile app maintenance and support
Mobile app modernization

What makes our team different from other mobile app development companies

Our highly skilled team of developers specializes in creating comprehensive and reliable mobile apps that excel at solving even the most complex tasks associated with device sensors.
Whether it comes to seamless NFC communication or precise gyroscope tracking, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding results. 

TYMIQ is an expert in developing apps with advanced work capabilities in the background mode, ensuring uninterrupted operation and optimal efficiency. Even with enabled data synchronization, background tasks, or real-time updates, your apps will keep working tirelessly and enhance user engagement.

What will you get with us?

Clear and transparent workflows
A dedicated team of mobile developers
Open communication and individual approach
Responsive apps based on the latest technologies
Robust security of mobile products
High level of expertise at all mobile platforms
Zero overhead costs
Fast project onboarding
Coverage of full mobile app development lifecycle
You will get the following advantages with us: a dedicated team of mobile developers; coverage of full mobile app development lifecycle; high level of expertise at all mobile platforms; fast project onboarding; clear and transparent workflows; open communication and individual approach; zero overhead costs; responsive apps based on the latest technologies; robust security of mobile products.

What usually brings clients to us for mobile app development services?

Device fragmentation

You need that more devices can support your app.

Software fragmentation

You want to implement single functionality for different operating systems.


It’s very problematic to test your app on real devices.


You need to significantly increase cyber security of your app.

User experience

You want to make your app more user-friendly and engaging for users.


It’s extremely important to select the right technology out of a great variety of them.

Time to market

You want to quickly implement your idea and ensure backward compatibility of the final app.

Resource management

You need to reduce dependence on the limited number of experts in your app.

User expectations

You want to be sure that the selected strategy will not be violated on the way to the target product.

Custom mobile app development for various platforms

Whether you require a native or a cross-platform app, we understand that each situation is unique. That's why we put so much effort to analyze your specific needs and tailor a solution to your individual requirements.

When selecting a technology to create a new mobile app or modernize an existing one, you often face a wide range of options, but are unsure of where to begin. TYMIQ is here to help you make the right decision and enable seamless user experience across all modern platforms and devices.

Native mobile app development

We build personalized, highly efficient products specifically for Android or iOS systems. Specific features and capabilities of the operating system result in better performance and a more native user experience.


Cross-platform mobile app development

A single codebase for different platforms: The best solution to attract both Android and iOS users with lower cost on development and further maintenance of the cross-platform app.


Progressive web app development

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get a simple mobile app based on your existing web application–consider PWA development. With us, you can take advantage of the best technical solutions applied to mobile and web applications.

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Mobile app features we build

The mobile landscape is subject to constant change. To stay competitive in this industry, you should periodically upgrade your existing mobile apps and enhance them with new advanced features.  

Our mobile developers always keep abreast of the times and build future-proof apps with the modern functionality. They can also bring it to your current app to boost its efficiency.

Push notifications
(including customizable notifications and alerts)
In-app messaging
Social media integration
Location-based services
Augmented reality (AR) features
Mobile payments and digital wallets
Barcode and QR code scanning
Voice commands and virtual assistants
Offline mode and data caching
Multi-language support
Customizable themes and UI
In-app purchases and subscriptions
Gamification elements and rewards
Health and fitness tracking
(Pedometer and other)
Integration with smart home devices
Event scheduling and calendar integration
Secure authentication methods
(e.g., biometrics)
Multi-platform synchronization
(web, desktop, etc.)
Interactive maps and navigation
Gyroscope and accelerometer-based features

Our management approach to mobile app development

While working on a project, we dive deep into the business logic and existing processes to see the picture from the same perspective and verify that the selected vector of mobile development is correct along the way.  

Based on the release plans made up according to your priorities, you will always be aware of the current situation on the project.

Being fully open and willing for communication on any issues, we strive to create absolutely comfortable working conditions, where you can be calm and do not worry about potential problems.

Transparent development process

You will have access to the history and current state of every single task.

Excellent problem-solving

You will be able to talk to any person involved into the development to your app.

24/7 monitoring

We provide you a possibility to monitor the status of your project 24/7.

Why rely on TYMIQ?

TYMIQ mobile development team brings unparalleled expertise and applies a meticulous approach to every phase of the mobile app lifecycle. From initial concept to ongoing maintenance and enhancements, we are dedicated to only delivering exceptional results. 


TYMIQ is a trusted partner committed to reliability and transparency, fostering a collaborative relationship with our clients.


We provide rare, deep expertise in custom software and mobile app development, making TYMIQ experts a valuable addition to your team.

Focus on value

We help our clients gain tangible benefits from their solutions, allocating engineering resources for optimal outcomes.

Do you want to build a mobile app with us?

Drop us a message, and we will develop an app according to your budget, timeline and the target audience.

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“Ensure that your mobile development provider places a strong emphasis on optimizing your app performance and speed. A developer that prioritizes efficient coding practices, minimizes resource usage, and applies a meticulous approach to testing can lead to a smoother user experience and better app retention rate.”

Pavel Maskevich
Team Lead
Team Lead

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