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Versatile engagement models

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Over 20 years 
of technological expertise

Why maintain Delphi projects?

Legacy system support
Many organizations still rely on Delphi for their legacy systems. Regular maintenance ensures these systems remain functional and can integrate with newer technologies.
Performance optimization
Maintenance allows for the identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks, ensuring a Delphi-based application runs smoothly and efficiently.
Feature enhancements
Ongoing maintenance allows for the addition of new features and improvements, keeping the application relevant and useful for users.
Bug fixes
Addressing and fixing bugs promptly ensures the application remains reliable and provides a better user experience.
As operating systems and hardware evolve, maintaining Delphi projects ensures compatibility with the latest platforms and devices.
Regular updates and patches help protect Delphi applications from vulnerabilities, keeping data and operations secure.

What kind of software development uses Delphi

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023, Delphi holds a 3.23% share among 87,585 respondents, indicating relatively low usage. Despite maintaining a presence among popular technologies, only 1% of new coders choose Delphi, highlighting its decline in popularity.

This trend is compounded by the fact that Delphi developers average over 23 years of experience, meaning many experts are nearing retirement. As a result, finding specialists for new projects or maintaining existing Delphi applications is becoming increasingly challenging.

What kind of software development uses Delphi

Delphi development services we provide

TYMIQ specializes in comprehensive Delphi development services, encompassing system support, maintenance, software development solutions, and seamless migration to alternative stacks.

Delphi app maintenance

TYMIQ offers ongoing maintenance and support for your Delphi applications. Our team ensures your software remains secure, efficient, and up-to-date through proactive monitoring, regular updates, and swift issue resolution.

Component development

Our team specializes in creating reusable Delphi components tailored to meet your specific business needs, enhancing the functionality of your applications.

Delphi development

TYMIQ provides end-to-end Delphi development services, from initial concept and design to deployment:

  • Desktop Delphi software
  • Saas (cloud) software
  • Web applications
  • IoT and embedded software
  • Mobile apps
Delphi software modernization

We help modernize your legacy Delphi software, including:

  • Delphi code refactoring
  • Bug fixing
  • Code review
  • UI/UX modernization
  • Feature enhancement
Delphi software integration

Our experts ensure seamless integration of your Delphi software with other systems and technologies:

  • Third-party component integration
  • Delphi Windows service application
  • SQL and PL/SQL
  • Multi-tier development for Windows
Migration from Delphi

At TYMIQ, Delphi software migration services refer to the process of porting or modernization of a software application developed using the Delphi programming language to a newer version or another platform.

Simplify your transition: Schedule a call with our modernization experts to evaluate your current system and receive a customized cost estimate for migrating from Delphi to .NET.

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Tech stack for Delphi software development we use

Programming languages and desktop applications



C++ Builder

RAD Studio

RAD Studio

RAD Server

RAD Server


Borland Delphi

Desktop front-end




Windows Forms

Windows Forms

x86, x64
Code analysis







SQL Server











When to consider migrating applications from Delphi to modern technologies

Performance limitations

When your Delphi application is not meeting the performance demands and needs optimization with modern frameworks.

Scalability issues

If your application struggles to scale efficiently with increasing user demands or data loads.

Lack of support

When Delphi components or libraries are no longer supported or updated, leading to security and compatibility issues.

Integration challenges

If your Delphi application has difficulty integrating with newer technologies, platforms, or systems.

Skill shortage

When finding experienced Delphi developers becomes challenging, affecting the maintenance and enhancement of your application.

Modernization needs

When you need to leverage modern UI/UX standards, cloud capabilities, or advanced features that Delphi cannot efficiently support.

Cost efficiency

If maintaining and updating your Delphi application is becoming cost-prohibitive compared to modern technology stacks.

Compliance and security

To ensure compliance with the latest security standards and regulations that are more robustly supported by modern technologies.

Case studies

Our featured Delphi programming projects

Domain: Industry

Software for monitoring and control of a packaging line conveyor in manufacturing.

Our responsibility:
Delphi desktop application development, maintenance and migration to .NET. Integration with third-party hardware for label printing, scanners and others.
Key tech stack:
Delphi, .NET, WinForms
Client location:
Domain: Industry

Managing the production process for a paint manufacturer, calculating proportions for color mixing, and integrating with third-party hardware for label printing.

Our responsibility:
Software maintenance and actualization of Delphi version.
Key tech stack:
Delphi, License server
Client location:
Domain:  FinTech

CRM for financial area and brokers companies

Our responsibility:
 Delphi desktop application development and maintenance
Key tech stack:
Delphi, SQL Server, OLE.
Client location:
Domain: Healthcare

Document management solution for hospitals. Administration of visit records and preparation of reports on health indicators. Optimization of doctors' work.

Our responsibility:
Desktop application development and future maintenance.
Key tech stack:
Delphi, PDF parsing, Windows Services, License server
Client location:
Domain: Industry

Alarm system for the industry with multiple protocols integration.

Our responsibility:
Desktop application development and future maintenance.
Key tech stack:
Client location:
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Delphi software development for industries

Financial technology
Education technology
Health and wellbeing
Real estate
Logistics & Transportation
Public sector
Internet of Things

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How we ensure code quality

Legacy system modernization
Coding best practices

We adhere to coding best practices to ensure our codebase is structured, readable, and maintainable. This includes following consistent naming conventions, using appropriate design patterns, applying SOLID principles, and ensuring code is well-documented. By adopting these practices, we enhance the clarity and reliability of our code.

Code review practices

We employ a robust code review process where every change undergoes thorough examination by peers. Code reviews help us maintain coding standards, catch potential bugs or logic errors, and promote knowledge sharing among team members. By conducting reviews before merging code, we ensure consistency, improve overall code quality, and mitigate risks associated with changes.

Unit testing

Unit testing is integral to our development process. We create automated tests for individual units of code to verify their functionality in isolation. This approach helps us identify bugs early in the development cycle, ensures new features integrate smoothly with existing code, and provides confidence in the reliability of our software.

Code quality metrics

We use various metrics to assess and monitor the quality of our codebase. These metrics include code coverage, which measures the percentage of code covered by automated tests, and cyclomatic complexity to gauge code complexity and maintainability. We utilize SonarQube and Veracode and other static and dynamic code check tools to gain comprehensive insights into code health.

 Why choose TYMIQ for Delphi programming ?

Choosing TYMIQ for your Delphi maintenance needs ensures seamless integration with your business environment and effective handling of daily challenges. Here's why TYMIQ stands out:


TYMIQ provides a highly flexible task force. We can quickly scale our team according to your project's evolving needs, ensuring agility and responsiveness throughout the development process.

In-house professionals

Our developers are proficient in both Delphi and modern technologies, allowing us to seamlessly maintain your existing application or migrate it to a newer platform. In both scenarios, we guarantee consistent quality, faster delivery times, and a thorough understanding of your specific needs.


We are committed to your company's success, bringing motivation and a proactive approach to every project. This dedication drives high performance, resulting in tangible outcomes.

Focus on value

TYMIQ prioritizes delivering lasting value to your business. By aligning closely with your strategic objectives and operational needs, we contribute to the sustainable growth of your business.


TYMIQ is a trusted partner for inclusive collaboration. We seamlessly integrate into your team, fostering transparency, trust, and effective communication to achieve shared objectives.

Quick start

With TYMIQ, your project kicks off within 2-4 weeks. Our streamlined processes and efficient onboarding ensure that we can start working on your software development needs with minimal delay.

Clear and reasonable pricing

TYMIQ offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We provide clear cost estimates upfront, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for without any hidden fees, allowing for better budget management.

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