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Our team is experienced in planning and implementing various digital transformation initiatives. We can equally deal with the custom software development projects and the projects that require full modernization of an existing solution. Regardless of the ultimate goal, we strive to only deliver outstanding results with lasting value.

Custom software development

From high load architecture design to software implementation–according to your individual requirements. Our team has massive experience in developing responsive and fault-tolerant web applications for diverse industries.

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Software reengineering

We know how to correctly upgrade your legacy software and put it back on track in the optimal time. Modernizing your current system will significantly optimize its load speed, flexibility, and fault-tolerance.

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Mobile development

TYMIQ has unparalleled expertise in delivering custom mobile app services. We apply a meticulous approach to every stage of the mobile app development lifecycle and build personalized, highly efficient products for both Android or iOS systems.

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DevOps services

Our DevOps engineers help with adopting and managing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices. They have a deep understanding of the tools and methodologies required to establish a flawless CI/CD pipeline.

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What usually brings clients to us for IT outsourcing services?

Need for expert consulting

We are open to companies that need IT consulting for existing and ongoing projects, as they face some barriers on the way to expected results.

Lack of in-house tech team

Among our customers are companies without their own engineering resources, but with a brilliant business idea to implement.

Time limitations

Sometimes, companies address TYMIQ for the implementation of projects that require advanced knowledge of technologies and are limited with tight deadlines.

Lack of certain specialists

We work with the companies that don’t have some specialized roles in their team, or they lack engineers with expertise in a particular sphere. A customer’s in-house team may simply be occupied at another project.

Cost-effectiveness goals

IT outsourcing services allow companies to avoid the costs of hiring in-house specialists for the implementation of short-term projects.

Benefits of using TYMIQ’s IT outsourcing services

We help our clients free their resources for the primary business operations while taking full responsibility of all their IT matters.

Dedicated IT staff

You will get a team that will better suit your project by technical stack and expertise, made up of our in-house specialists.

Senior specialists

Whether you need a dedicated team for your project or a few engineers with some specific expertise, we will be able to meet your requirements and deal with non-trivial tasks.

Expected results

We constantly revise the priorities together with the customer to align on the selected direction or adjust it if necessary.

Fast project setup

Our team has enough experience to make accurate project onboarding faster and stick to the target deadlines along the way.

Business optimization

During a project, we introduce the best practices to make customer’s IT processes run efficiently and boost performance of their entire business.

Our management approach to IT outsourcing services

While working on a project, we dive deep into the business logic and existing processes to see the picture from the same perspective as you and verify that the selected vector is correct along the way.

Based on the release plans made up according to your priorities, you will always be aware of the current situation on the project.

Being fully open and willing for communication on any issues, we strive to create absolutely comfortable working conditions, where you can be calm and do not worry about potential problems.

Transparent development process

You will have access to the history and current state of every single task.

Excellent problem-solving

You will be able to talk to any person involved into the development of your app.

24/7 monitoring

We provide you a possibility to monitor the status of your project 24/7.

Why rely on TYMIQ?

Due to high professionalism in engineering and management, our team is capable of delivering sophisticated technology solutions rapidly and efficiently. We always take initiative and suggest improvements where it’s truly necessary. The final result and quality of your solution is what matters for us first and foremost.


TYMIQ is a truly reliable partner who works inclusively and makes a single whole with a customer’s team.


We provide fairly rare and deep expertise in custom software development and reengineering.

Focus on value

We provide IT outsourcing services from the perspective of our primary goal–help our customers gain lasting value for their business. 

Case studies

IT outsourcing projects by TYMIQ

TYMIQ strictly adheres to the idea of transparency and accountability in working with the customers. This principle makes our company distinguish from similar IT outsourcing providers, as we create transparent workflows with precise timing, pricing, and reporting to the customer.

The port of Eilat

Reengineering a seaport operation system

TYMIQ reengineered a port operation system to meet new business requirements. Throughout the project, our team have been keeping the system available 24/7, despite all the challenges caused by parallel migration and integration processes.

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“The success of your cooperation with an IT service provider is strongly tied to your cultural fit. When considering a company to outsource its services, pay due attention to the values of the team and its working approach. The unity of views and similar attitude to work help build effective communication throughout the process.”

Kanstantsin Miranovich
Co-Founder / CTO

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Focus on your core business tasks with us taking care of your IT matters!

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