Identity and access management (IAM) services

Developing custom identity and access management solutions to secure all authentication and authorization processes in your application. 

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As an IAM services provider, we deal with extraordinary user identification and access control solutions, mostly for enterprise applications that require robust security and stability. We incorporate with a customer’s in-house team to empower their abilities in designing and maintaining their own identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

Benefits of setting up identity and access management

With well-implemented identity and access management, you can widespread security and trust across your company and ensure the best protection for your employees, applications, and devices.

Higher protection level

A company can easily manage who is allowed to access a resource, when, from what device, and with what permissions.

General software security

Machine-to-machine (M2M) authentication allows different remote systems to securely communicate with your software through verification of a digital certificate or digital credentials.

Actionable security insights

IAM opens up new opportunities to get advanced insights about overall security in a company and to take measures for its enhancement.

Productivity growth

Seamless authentication and authorization mechanisms potentially saves your time and resources for the core business functionalities.

Digital transformation

With IAM solutions, you can centralize access management for more types of users and resources appeared in the result of adopted multi-cloud environments, IoT and other digital devices.

The scope of IAM services we provide

TYMIQ offers end-to-end services in developing custom solutions for secure user access and permission management. Our goal is to help companies establish reliable business operations and collaboration between their employees, customers, and partners through authentication and authorization processes. When providing IAM services, we focus on security compliance, risk management, privacy policy, and operational efficiency. Find the service you need or contact us for a combination:

IAM assessment and strategy development
IAM architecture design
IAM governance and operating model development
IAM solution discovery
Project evaluation and planning
IAM solution implementation
Identity analytics
Identity lifecycle management
SSO and MFA implementation
Access management

Explore 7 things to consider when selecting an IAM solution

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Our tech stack

You will get access to the extended knowledge and expertise of our IAM operations specialists. The team has the right set of skills to implement your most challenging projects.

Apache CXF products
(STS, Fediz)

IAM as a service for industries

We apply an individual approach in our work to meet your specific requirements and the requirements of your industry. Our goal is to uncover the full potential of industry-specific IAM services, so that you can enhance cyber security within your company and prevent potential malicious attacks. We also successfully deal with the cross-industry environment.

Financial technology
Education technology
Health and wellbeing
Real estate
Logistics & Transportation
Public sector
Internet of Things

Some of our IAM solutions

AuthiQ is a simple and intuitive 2FA app designed by TYMIQ. The app generates one-time unique codes that help verify your identity during login. By using secure codes from the app instead of text, call, or email verification, you can ensure robust protection against compromised passwords.

2FA codes
to verify identity
 a snapshot from the AuthiQ app
  • Secure login to your accounts
  • No Internet connection required
  • Intuitive design, the language doesn’t matter
  • Easy setup with QR code
Secure login
to your accounts
 a snapshot from the AuthiQ app
Easy setup
with QR code
AuthiQ for enterprise-level authentication

For the companies that need a custom enterprise-level authentication app, AuthiQ may stand as a white-label solution for native and cross-platform applications supported both on Android and iOS. It can be taken as a basis and customized to the specific needs of a company.

Download on the App storeAndroid app on Google play
 a snapshot from the AuthiQ app

Why rely on TYMIQ?

The IAM services we deliver are fully rooted in your vision and goals. While working on a project, we dive deep into the business logic and existing processes to see the picture from the same perspective as you and verify that the determined direction is correct along the way. 


TYMIQ is a truly reliable partner who works inclusively and makes a single whole with a customer’s team.


We provide fairly rare and deep expertise in developing custom authentication and authorization solutions.

Focus on value

We provide IAM services from the perspective of our primary goal–help our customers gain lasting value for their business. 

Maximize your identity and access management with TYMIQ

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