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At TYMIQ, we have 20+ years of successful collaboration with other IT service providers and developing complementary partnerships. We maintain regular communications, know how to allocate resources efficiently, and make joint decisions that result in efficiency gains and long-term commitments.

With the focus on long-term partnerships built on reliability and competitive pricing, we become an integral part of your success story.

What we offer

Forming and providing dedicated teams
Our dedicated teams are composed of skilled professionals who focus solely on your project, ensuring seamless integration with your internal team and alignment with your business goals. This approach guarantees consistent quality, faster delivery times, and a deep understanding of your unique requirements.
Supplying developers for short to mid-term projects
Whether you need developers for short-term tasks or mid-term projects, we are ready to meet your needs. Our flexible engagement models allow you to scale development capacity quickly and efficiently, addressing any gaps in your technical resources and ensuring your projects stay on track.
Hiring specifically for your requirements
We offer hiring services to match your specific requirements. We take full responsibility for recruiting the right specialists, ensuring candidates meet your project needs and fit seamlessly into your team. Our well-built and well-honed recruitment process guarantees quality.
Organizing nearshore development centers (within and outside the EU)
We specialize in establishing nearshore development centers, both within and outside the EU, to provide you with cost-effective and high-quality software development solutions. By leveraging nearshore locations, we ensure time zone compatibility, cultural alignment, and ease of communication, leading to more efficient and productive collaborations.

Let's build a powerful collaboration to exceed your clients' expectations in IT products.

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Key issues that arise between IT providers when collaborating, and how we address them


Insufficient contractor involvement

How we contribute
Proactive contribution

TYMIQ’s experts dive deep into projects, contributing not only to coding but also to process optimization. We go beyond basic requirements to enhance overall project efficiency.

Individual approach

We adjust our resources flexibly to meet clients’ specific needs and environments, ensuring a tailored approach for each partnership.

Client representation

We represent our partners' interests to end clients, ensuring seamless integration and alignment with their goals.

Ongoing support

Our dedicated follow-up ensures continued success, providing partners with the support needed throughout the project lifecycle.


Trust issues

How we contribute

Our spotless reputation and transparent references speak for themselves, providing confidence and reliability in our partnerships.


We maintain complete visibility into our work processes, allowing partners to monitor progress and ensure alignment with their expectations.

Open communication

We maintain open lines of communication to ensure transparency, facilitating clear and honest interactions with our partners.


Unaligned processes between partners

How we contribute
Adaptive processes

We align our processes with those of our partners, enhancing efficiency and ensuring seamless workflow integration.

Filling the gaps

We identify and address technical and procedural gaps within our partners’ teams, contributing our expertise to fill those gaps and improve overall performance.


Low quality of service and responsibility

How we contribute

Shared responsibility: We take our responsibilities seriously, sharing a commitment to excellence with our partners. Our dedication ensures high-quality service and reliability in every project.


High employee turnover

How we contribute

Team stability: We prioritize the stability of our team, ensuring minimal staff turnover. This stability serves as a guarantor of reliability at the start and supports the long-term development of projects, providing consistency and continuity for our partners.


Contractual complexities

How we contribute

Flexible cooperation: We offer various options for collaboration, whether individual, team, or project-based, with flexible terms and payment formats to suit different needs.


Exit barriers

How we contribute
Smooth knowledge transfer

We ensure a smooth knowledge transfer process if a project is ending or if augmented staff are being transitioned out, maintaining continuity and minimizing disruption.

Exit interviews

We conduct exit interviews to gather feedback, allowing us to understand our partners' experiences and perspectives.

Continuous improvement

We identify areas for improvement based on feedback and experiences, continuously enhancing our processes and services.

“At TYMIQ, we clearly understand the advantages and potential limitations of software development in cooperation with other IT service providers. Importantly, we know how to solve all possible problems that arise during the development process”.

Kanstantsin Miranovich
Co-Founder / CTO
Kanstantsin Miranovich

Software development services we provide when partnering with other IT vendors

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to seamlessly integrate with your operations, enhance your capabilities, and ensure the success of joint projects. By leveraging our expertise and dedication to excellence, we help our partners deliver exceptional value and innovative solutions to their clients. Here’s how TYMIQ can support you:

Custom software development

TYMIQ excels in creating high-quality software solutions that align with the specific goals of our partner IT vendors. Our custom software development services deliver significant value by addressing complex challenges and optimizing business processes, ensuring that the software perfectly fits the unique needs of each project.

Software reengineering

TYMIQ assists partner IT vendors in modernizing outdated or inefficient systems. Whether it's optimizing software architecture, adding new functionalities, or integrating third-party APIs, we ensure that software is up-to-date and effective. Our reengineering services modernize legacy systems, enhancing performance and extending their usability.

Software maintenance

TYMIQ provides comprehensive software maintenance services to partner IT vendors, transforming legacy systems into reliable, secure, and high-performing solutions. We ensure that software remains user-friendly and efficient over time, adapting to the evolving needs of the end clients and technological advancements.

IT outsourcing

TYMIQ offers experienced teams to support partner IT vendors in planning and executing digital transformation initiatives. Our IT outsourcing services ensure access to the right expertise dedicated to supporting and enhancing IT infrastructures.

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Case studies

Our IT partners in joint projects and solutions

Providing dedicated teams for web and mobile application development in the industries: FinTech, Industry, Insurance, Cross-domain, Multiple verticals

Our responsibility:
Full cycle software development by multiple dedicated teams.
2000+ man/month
5+ years
Client location:

Providing dedicated teams for web and mobile application development in the industries: Security, Identity management

Our responsibility:
Full cycle software development by multiple dedicated teams.
100+ man/month
3+ years
Client location:

Web application development

Our responsibility:
Providing developers who directly integrate with the customer's existing team.
100+ man/month
3+ years
Client location:
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What you get partnering with TYMIQ

  • Proficiency and specialization
  • Use of modern technologies
  • Efficient time and resource management
  • Tailored solutions for individual business requirements
  • Enhanced security and data protection measures
  • Continuous maintenance and support services
  • Accelerated time-to-market for products and services
  • Flexibility to adapt to business expansion
  • Long-term financial savings and return on investment

Seeking an IT vendor partnership?  Join forces with TYMIQ to innovate, succeed, and exceed expectations together.

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