Offline methodological workshop by TYMIQ

November 7, 2023
Offline methodological workshop by TYMIQ
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On November 23, TYMIQ is organizing an offline methodological workshop for engaged visitors in Poland. The purpose of the workshop is to share our experience in working with modernization and greenfield design methodologies. We will present their powerful features and tools, which can help you with the following:  

  • Create unique and innovative products or services that can differentiate from their competitors and attract new customers.
  • Leverage the latest technologies and trends, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or blockchain, to enhance your business performance and efficiency. 
  • Optimize your processes and workflows, reducing costs and errors, while improving quality and customer satisfaction. 

For reference: 

Greenfield design methodologies are approaches to developing software or systems from scratch, without relying on any existing code, infrastructure, or legacy systems. Some of the benefits of greenfield design methodologies are: 

  • They allow for more innovation and creativity, as developers can explore new ideas and solutions without being constrained by previous decisions or limitations. 
  • They offer more flexibility and customization, as developers do not have to deal with compatibility issues, legacy problems, or code maintenance. 

The workshop will be conducted according to the Event Storming approach. In software development, and especially in software reengineering, it is important to deeply immerse the entire team that will work on the project in the intended design of the system right from the start. Event Storming is that makes it feasible. 

In a nutshell, Event Storming is a workshop-based approach to Domain Driven Design that brings technical and non-technical stakeholders together to explore complex business domains. Event Storming is just a great way to involve the team in analysis and architecture design. By understanding the desired outcome in advance, the team is motivated to make informed decisions rather than simply following someone else's algorithm.

Our love for teamwork, both on internal projects and with the customers, became the main driver for arranging such kind of events. The workshop will provide a platform for networking and exchanging valuable knowledge between all participators of the event.

The workshop will take place in Poznań, Poland and will be coordinated by Andrei Zhukouski, Chief Strategy Officer at TYMIQ. Andrei will share the best practices and experience on how to apply the modernization and greenfield design methodologies to satisfy your business needs. 

To attend the workshop, please confirm your participation by emailing us at or DM to Andrei Zhukouski. You can also use these channels to ask for additional information on the event. 

We will be glad to see you as our guests!

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