TYMIQ hosts workshop on database and messaging transactions

June 13, 2024
TYMIQ hosts workshop on database and messaging transactions
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At TYMIQ, we are committed to fostering continuous learning and skill enhancement among our team members. As part of this commitment, we regularly organize workshops, inviting both internal and external experts to share their knowledge on cutting-edge IT topics.

On June 5, 2024, our team gathered online for an insightful workshop led by our frequent guest, Andrei Shakirin, Software Architect at VMWare Tanzu Labs. The session focused on a critical challenge faced by developers: ensuring transactional consistency between queues and databases.

In modern applications, developers often need to synchronize database transactions with messaging activities. This synchronization ensures that a message is sent only when the database transaction is successfully committed, and vice versa. The workshop aimed to address this challenge by demonstrating effective techniques for achieving transactional consistency.

Andrei Shakirin guided us through various options, considerations, and experiences, presenting different approaches to this problem along with their respective advantages and disadvantages. The session included practical use cases to illustrate each approach, providing our team with a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

For those who missed the workshop, you can watch the recorded session through the link below:

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